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FROM THE DESK OF: Aidan O’Sullivan

LOCATION: Buckingham, England

DATE: 22nd September 2023

Dear excited partner,


Are you sick of being stuck for ideas around how to keep your guests entertained properly?


Are you tired of asking for advice from other people, only to get opinions and ideas that you just don’t vibe with?


Perhaps you’re considering hiring a magician but aren’t too sure what you need from them?


Look, I totally get it.


Whenever you’re planning to stick a bunch of total strangers into a room together, it’s gonna be awkward for them.


They’re gonna feel weird, uncomfortable and not really know what to do.


Studies even suggest that up to 50% of people are introverts, so it’ll be even more intense for them.


Sadly, that’s the feeling they’ll remember.


And, because you’ll be so focused on keeping everyone happy like the beautiful soul you are…


… you’ll spend your entire day putting out fires instead of actually enjoying yourself and spending time with the people you love the most.


Now I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very ‘special’ to me.


There seems to be this growing trend of couples trying to combat this problem by…


  • Spending a fortune on extra alcohol


  • Squeezing a load of extra ‘stuff’ into their schedules


  • Ignoring the problem completely because ‘our guests aren’t like that.


Then everything (and often, everyone) just gets complicated, drunk and messy.


Not ideal.


But let’s face it though… 


You’ve probably not planned a wedding before, so there’s literally no way that you could be a professional at this stuff. 


And that’s totally okay.


Which is why I’m here to help.

Follow My (Stupidly Simple) Framework And You’ll Have Your Guests Entertained, Excited And Energised, In Minutes!

Booking the right entertainment can be much easier than you think.


Most people just don’t even know what they should be looking for, which usually ends up with them spending WAY more time, effort (and CASH) than they need to.


Having worked in the industry as a magician and mind reader for over 10+ years, I’ve come to realise that the truth behind great entertainment is stupidly simple.


The best part?


I’ve boiled it down into a simple framework that you can use to get the perfect entertainment CHOSEN in a matter of minutes.


But it’s not just time you’ll save either.


You’ll even be able to book entertainment at a fraction of the cost you’d normally spend if you were going to put the pieces together on your own.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In Your FREE 30-Minute Brainstorm Session…

Are you ‘gap-filling’ when it comes to entertainment? Bad idea!


I’ll show you why this is a HUGE mistake and how it leaves you open to an empty bank balance (and bored guests!)

I’ll reveal the bulletproof process that I always go back to whenever I’m working at weddings, corporate events and even on my own events too.


(MY PERSONAL AIM: We’ll use the framework LIVE so that by the end of our session, you’ll know EXACTLY what you need when it comes to entertainment and have a simple plan to get it all booked in, FAST!)

Nearly every couple I’ve met has made one of these common mistakes – I’ll show you what they are AND how you can avoid them!

72% Of Married Couples Wish They Would Have Thought More About Their Entertainment

Crazy stats, right?


That’s what wedding site, found when they surveyed married couples about their wedding.


But that’s not it.


98% of couples said that they would have happily spent MORE money on their entertainment.


(And weddings ain’t exactly cheap, are they?…)


I want to show you exactly how I’ve been able to help countless couples turn their dream wedding, into a very accurate reality – just by getting their entertainment right!


So, click the big red button below and reserve your brainstorming session so that we can bash out a plan that works for your wedding and you sleep like a baby tonight knowing that your entertainment is checked off and done.


(Just so you know I’m not some dirty rotten scammer…)

My Shameless Secret...

At this point you’re probably wondering…


Aidan, why are you doing this?


(The calls, not the card tricks… duh!)


Well, here’s the truth.


As a professional magician, I’ve got some serious insider knowledge around how this whole entertainment thing works.


Knowledge that I know you could benefit from.


Plus, because I’m a magician, I’m going to be the perfect addition to many weddings out there.


Naturally, a bunch of people that come along to these sessions will usually end up asking me about my availability…


And then they’ll book me for their wedding.


Which makes it a WIN-WIN for us both.


You get clarity and confidence in your entertainment plans.


I might get a few wedding gigs here and there.


That’s the transparent truth.


But I can’t do everyone’s wedding though.


See, I’ve got this ‘One Event Per Day’ Policy which means that… well…


I only perform at one event per day.


That way there’s no chance of me arriving late, getting double-booked or just being totally unreliable for you.


(Besides – I might not even be a good fit!)


So, instead treat this as an ‘Information Session’ where you’ll get everything that you need when it comes to choosing great entertainment, and nothing that you don’t.


Said more bluntly…


This is NOT a sales call.

PS: Okay, fine.


You want a little something-something before you hop on a Zoom call with some dude that calls himself a ‘Wizard’.


To be brutally honest – I don’t blame you.


So, how about we do this…


As a special BONUS for booking a Brainstorm Session, I wanna send you some goodies;



    37 Surprisingly Simple & Creative Ways To Get Your Guests To Actually Respond To Your Invitations.

    £37 + Savings On Dye To Hide The Grey Stress-Hairs)


  • [BONUS] 12 Steps To A Stress-Free Wedding Guide

    With practical steps to calm you down when your emotions get the better of you… because let’s face it, that’ll probably happen!

    (Worth £49)

  • [BONUS] Recommended Supplier List + A Personal Introduction To Anyone You Want To Chat To!


I’m gonna give you ‘em all.


All you need to do is just click the big red button below and come along to your Brainstorming session.


Then, at the end of the session, I’ll show you exactly where to grab a copy of all of the resources.


(How’s that for a cheeky bribe?…)

The TL;DR Version
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We’re gonna hop on Zoom, chat about your wedding and brainstorm a surefire plan to keep your guests entertained throughout the day, without you having to sell your organs on the black market to afford it.

I Guess What I’m Trying To Say Is... Click The Bloody Button!

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