There’s A Trend That's Ruining Weddings Across The UK

(Don't make the same mistake!)

Let’s face it…


You’re spending a lot of time, money and effort planning your wedding…


But, like many excited couples, you could be walking straight into a trap that might just derail your big day entirely…

But let’s put YOUR wedding aside for a sec…

Think back to the last wedding that you went to as a guest.


  • When you first arrived, did you find yourself standing around and making awkward small talk with total strangers? Or did you panic and stand around with the people you already knew?


  • Did you even spend much time with the bride and groom? Or was it a few passing comments before the rest of the events took over?


  • When the DJ started playing, did you rush to the dancefloor? Or did you wait for ages  until other people went up first?


  • Did it feel like something truly special? Or just a nice day?


Unfortunately, if you’re anything like most wedding guests, the experience was probably more like the second part of those points.

Dear couples of Bucks,


Here’s the unfortunate truth… 


When you stick a bunch of total strangers into a room, it’s gonna be awkward for them.


They’re gonna feel weird, uncomfortable and not really know what to do.


Studies even suggest that up to 50% of people are introverts, so it’ll be even more intense for them.


Sadly, that’s the feeling they’ll remember.


And, because you’ll be so focused on keeping everyone happy like beautiful soul you are…


… you’ll spend your entire day putting out fires instead of actually enjoying yourself and spending time with the people you love the most.


Now I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very ‘special’ to me…  🚩


There seems to be this growing trend of couples trying to combat this problem by…


❌ Spending a fortune on extra alcohol

❌ Squeezing a load of extra ‘stuff’ into their schedules

❌ Ignoring the problem completely because ‘our guests aren’t like that.


Then everything (and everyone) just got complicated, drunk and messy.


Not ideal.


You’ve probably not planned a wedding before, so there’s literally no way that you could be a professional at this stuff. 


And that’s totally okay.


Now we know you need some great entertainment, but…

The Real Secret Is In The TYPE Of Entertainment You Choose

Type #1

PASSIVE Entertainment

Things that your guests can optionally get involved with or enjoy from a distance without much effort.

(THINK: DJ’s, Bands, Background stuff)

Type #2

ACTIVE Entertainment

Something that brings all of your guests together, gets them involved with what’s going on AND leaves them talking afterwards.


(You need this!)

You need entertainment that can break the ice, get everyone involved and fill the room with a  positive atmosphere in the process.


You need Active Entertainment.


You need a magician.

Hi, I'm Aidan 👋

Yup. You guessed it. 


I’m a magician.


I’ve been that uncomfortable guest at too many weddings in the past so I’m on a personal mission to rid the world of those stress-inducing events that make people feel icky.


For the past 10+ years, I’ve been performing sellout shows and blowing the minds of wedding guests across the country.


I’ve even had a few small appearances on the telly too!


(Albeit for like 30 seconds, but I’ll take it anyways…)


Plus, for the past 2+ years, I’ve been coaching other magicians across 130 countries globally to enlist them on my mission to break the cycle of boring events.


I’m just that passionate about getting this right for you.


And before you ask… 


Yes, I am a member of The Magic Circle.


(Here’s a fancy badge to prove it!)