Your Event Is In Danger

Save it with magic.


Save It With Magic.

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FROM THE DESK OF: Aidan O’Sullivan

LOCATION: Buckingham, England

DATE: 22nd September 2023

Dear Event Planner,


If you’re serious about finding high-quality entertainment that gets your attendees excited and engaged.


This will be the most important thing that you will ever read.


Here’s why;

Every attendee (internal or external) will use your function as a measure of success for your business, and will use that experience to act in their own best interests.

Which is a lot of pressure.


It’s literally a ‘make-or-break’ situation.


We’ve already seen a surge of employees becoming a part of ‘The Great Resignation’, leaving businesses desperate for support and unable to recruit the talent they need.


One bad experience is enough to knock over that first domino for your team.


Or even add fuel to an existing fire.


So, it’s no longer a question of SHOULD you give your attendees some entertainment…


… the question is WHAT TYPE of entertainment is the best for them?


But don’t worry.


All is not lost.


Here’s how I can help make your next event a roaring success…

Companies that hire a magician For Their event…

Break The Ice

So that their guests feel comfortable from the get-go and can relax and enjoy the day.

Get Great Photos

Of their guests pulling hilariously silly faces as their minds melt to the magic they’re watching.

Split the 'pods'

So that their guests can freely mingle without standing around the room in their own little groups.

Experience Less Stress

Because you won’t need to keep constantly hiring more and more ‘stuff’ (or pay for more booze!)

Receive More Positive Feedback

Because your attendees are being taken care of and feel like they can actually enjoy the event.

Boost Morale

Without the risk of your event becoming ‘yet another work do’ that your team doesn't want to go to.

I’m READY to guarantee that your guests have a great time!

I’m Aidan and I’m a professional magician, based in Buckingham and travelling all-over to entertain as many guests as I can.


For the past 10+ years I’ve been entertaining guests, selling out shows and digging deep into what it takes to get in the minds of your guests so that I can guarantee that they have the best time possible.


I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on a number of podcasts, YouTube channels, magazine and newspaper appearances in recent years too!


PLUS – I’ve even appeared on both National and International Television too… albeit that was for a total of about 30 seconds, but it still counts, right?…



I’m Aidan and I’m a professional magician, based in Buckingham and travelling all-over to entertain as many guests as I can.


For the past 10+ years I’ve been entertaining guests, selling out shows and digging deep into what it takes to get in the minds of your guests so that I can guarantee that they have the best time possible.


I’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on a number of podcasts, YouTube channels, magazine and newspaper appearances in recent years too!


PLUS – I’ve even appeared on both National and International Television too… albeit that was for a total of about 30 seconds, but it still counts, right?…



Before you ask…

(Because EVERYONE does…)


YES, I am a member of The Magic Circle.


Not only am I honoured to be a member of the world’s most famous society for magicians, but I’ve also been invited onto their stage as a lecturer for other magicians too.


Look, I’ve even got the fancy badge to prove it!

What to expect on the day...

Close-Up Magic & Mind Reading

To guarantee that your guests experience the magic, up-close where there’s no camera tricks, fancy boxes or grand illusions. Just real magic.

Party-Starting Reception Magic

That’ll get your guests laughing, happy and excited to enjoy the rest of the event without leaving them bored and unoccupied.

Wizard’s After-Dinner Show…

An after-dinner show that’s so good it turns food coma’s into party energy long before the DJ even has a chance to play ‘Mr Brightside’.

“He’s Still Going!” Evening Magic

For making sure your guests are happy long into the night, even if they’re stuck in the queue for the bar or if it’s still too early for them to crank out the robot on the dancefloor.

Perfect For All Ages

So nobody feels left out and everyone gets the same high-quality attention and all-round incredible experience.

Entertainment Brainstorming Session

To review your plans and guarantee that your guests are going to have a great time, without needing to spend a fortune on more ‘stuff’.


(Just so you know I’m not some dirty rotten scammer…)

Here’s what to do now

DO NOT send me any money today.


Instead, just click the big red button below and enter your contact details and event details.


I’ll get a notification, do a little happy dance and rush to check my availability.


If I’m available, I’ll block it out immediately for you to have the first refusal and we’ll schedule a time to hop on Zoom and talk.


Don’t worry, this ain’t gonna be some sleazy sales call either.


Nobody needs that.


It’ll be a really chilled out conversation to find out exactly what you’re looking for so we can work out whether or not I’d be a great fit for your event.


If you think I am, we’ll confirm everything and you can have a great night’s sleep, knowing that your guests are gonna be great hands.


If not, I’ll help you find someone that’s perfect for you instead.


How’s that for a miracle? 😉


Now click that big red button and let’s save your guests from boredom.

Some good news… And some bad news…

I have this rule.


Well, it’s more of a policy.


I call it the ‘One Event Per Day’ policy.


And the good news is you can take advantage of it, right now.


Because I’m committed to making your function the best that it can be, I promise that I won’t take ANY other events on the day of your event.


You will be my only focus.


That means there’s ZERO RISK of me being caught in traffic or stuck on the other side of the country when I’m supposed to be performing for you and your guests.


(Unlike with many other performers…)


The bad news however, is that I’m only able… for one event per day.


Which means that my calendar tends to fill up pretty quickly.


So don’t waste your time ‘thinking about it’. 


Decisions require information.


And I’ve got all of the information you need.


Let’s give your guests the complete experience that they deserve.


I appreciate you,




So, you made it to the PS section?


Which means you still need a little more convincing before you take the leap and get in touch.


And that’s totally cool.


Look, you could continue pondering all the options when it comes to entertaining your guests.


Reaching out to a dozen ideas and letting the cheapest option be the thing that you give to your guests, hoping that it’s going to be enough.


Or you could click the link below and book in a call with me personally, to get an honest professional opinion and practical suggestions on your particular circumstances.


It’s totally risk-free and there’s ZERO expectation for you to book me if you feel it’s not a great fit.


You’re gonna need to make a decision sooner or later, so let’s cut the wasted time and stress and get your entertainment sorted.


Here’s the thing.


Your event isn’t exactly getting any further away.


And the longer you wait, the quicker the best entertainers are getting booked up, leaving you with whoever is left.


You already know your entertainment is going to become the lifeblood of your event.


In case it helps –


Richard Branson once said this;


“More deals are done on the Golf Course than the Boardroom”


Make great entertainment a priority and you’ll be rewarded for it in more ways than you could possibly imagine.


Okay, this is getting silly now.


I’m literally running out of things to tell you.


Erm… how about this…


Don’t say yes to booking me, or even choosing a magician at all yet.

Just say ‘MAYBE’.

Get your date reserved in my diary, just in case.


Let’s talk about your situation and find out what you really need.


And if we decide that I’m not a fit – that’s perfectly okay.


I can even help you find someone/ something else that’ll be better for you.


Zero pressure.


Zero commitment.

The TL;DR Version
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I’ll blow the socks off your attendees (not literally) and break the ice right from the moment they arrive so that everyone can enjoy the full event, without feeling burdened by another ‘work do’. But act now because I only book 1 event per day which means my calendar fills up… FAST!


Are you bringing your team and other stakeholders together for a celebration/ awards night?


I can help you.


Are you hosting an event with a lineup of speakers and need something that can make an impact and keep the energy high?


I can help you.


Are you launching a brand-new product/service and want to turn more of your audience into excited sales?


I can help you.


Are you serious about looking after your attendees and giving them a great experience, from start to finish?


I can help you.


Do you understand that great entertainment isn’t just about cramming loads into your schedule and hoping that’s good enough?


I can help you.


Are you having a… Small team gathering? Large team event? Virtual Event? Product launch? Team-Building Day? Management ‘Away-Day’? Specialist conference? Trade show stand? Christmas Party? Important Board meeting? 


Look, it doesn’t matter what type of event you’re having, or where you’re having it.


I’ve got experience performing at a wide variety of events and all that matters is that you’re ready to give you and your guests the experience of a lifetime.


That dream of putting on a world-class event that your guests will actually enjoy and talk about positively for years to come?


I’m in the business of making that happen.


Let’s Get Started.

Too often I see event planners shotgunning the whole experience with a gigantic list of ‘stuff’ in the hope that it’s enough to keep their guests occupied.


I don’t know about you, but ‘occupied’ isn’t what I’d like my experience to be at my company function.


That makes me feel like I’m an afterthought and an inconvenience – which is never a good thing for team morale!


When a magician performs at a function, guests are automatically involved in the experience and feel like they belong in the event.


It shows that they’re being looked after and nobody is going to miss out on an important part of the function.


Nothing comes close to the quality of entertainment that a magician can bring to a corporate function.


Plus, it’s different, super fun and pretty unique too.


What’s not to love?

Personally, I’m a fan of keeping things simple.


So, here’s my simple 3-step process to follow to book me for your event;


    1. Reserve Your Event Date: I only ever perform at one event per day so that I can give you my full attention and commitment, but that means that dates fill up… FAST!

      First step is to click this link and let me know the date of your event. I’ll block it out in my calendar immediately so it’s yours for the taking. 

    2. Make Sure I’m A Good Fit: I don’t want you to pay me a penny until you’re confident that I’m a great fit for your guests.

      Once I know your event date, we’ll  talk about your plans, ideas and how I can entertain your guests. If you like the sound of our ideas (and you like me!), then we can go to step 3…

    3. The Boring Paperwork: (#Sorry… but at least I’m honest?)

      I’ll send over a copy of an agreement confirming all the details about your event and an invoice. Once that’s all been approved – we can focus entirely on the fun stuff and give your guests the experience they deserve.


Ready to get started?


Reserve your date here before it’s too late.

My entertainment packages start at £450, though most companies prefer to spent upwards of £1,250 to really get the most out of their entertainment.

The quickest way to get a no-obligation quote is to get your event reserved in my diary and then hop on Zoom to go over the ‘nitty-gritty’ details.



I like to reward all of my clients with exclusive opportunities to experience the magic, long before the event itself.


From free VIP Tickets to my upcoming shows to complete virtual shows and workshops for your team – my mission is to give you the best experience possible and that’s not just limited to your event.

Because I operate with my ‘One Event Policy’, my availability is incredibly limited.


That’s why, when you check my availability, I block out the day for your event straight away so that you have first refusal of the date and don’t need to worry about losing your date.


Unfortunately, if your  date isn’t available, I’ll be more than happy to work with you to find a suitable alternative and give you a personal introduction to anyone that I know who might be a good fit for you.


But to avoid this, your best bet is to reserve your date asap.

No, I don’t.


In fact, I’ve travelled across the country for all sorts of events.


If you’re planning an event outside of Buckinghamshire (or even abroad!), I’ll still be able to come along and entertain your guests.


Longer distances may require extra time in my diary, so be sure to get your event date reserved in my calendar asap.

Go On…
I know you want to…