Who Is
'Aidan the Wizard'?

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An interesting question…


Well, let’s start with the obvious.


I’m a professional magician that has been entertaining guests at a wide variety of events over the past 10+ years.


Based in Buckingham and travelling the world, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my unique brand of ‘psychological magic’ with guests of all ages and backgrounds.


In recent years I’ve been invited on podcasts, featured in articles, published in newspapers and I’ve even made 2 TV appearances in both the US and the UK.


(Albeit for about 30 seconds, but that still counts, right? Right…?)


But it wasn’t always like this though.


In fact, magic holds a much deeper meaning in my life than just the opportunities that it’s brought to me.


Grab your popcorn.


We’re going on a journey.

I Used To Struggle...

I was super introverted and never felt like I ‘fit in’ anywhere.


Not with friends. Not with family.


I never knew what to say, how to act or what people were ‘meant’ to do in social situations.


So I started to learn magic as my own creative outlet and it began to help me a lot.


Sounds like a cliche, but it’s true.


Not only was it giving me a newfound confidence, but it was sparking my curiosity about how things work ‘behind the magic’ that we all know and love.


I relentlessly chased my passion for the craft, even heading to the famous BGT auditions so that I could find out more about how these shows worked.


(No, I didn’t get through – I was only a nosey kid)

People love magic…?

As time went by, I began to realise something incredible… I had a gift.


And people loved it.


I quickly began selling out my own shows and headlining at a number of events, giving audiences a mind-blowing experience that they didn’t know were possible.


I even took a gamble predicting the front page of a national newspaper, two weeks before the paper was printed.


What started as my little ‘thing’ was fast becoming a massive piece of my life.


And then the penny dropped…

The perfect event entertainment

Word was getting out about what I could do.


And people were craving unique and different things for their events.


I began getting hired to entertain guests at a wide range of events, from family parties to corporate events and even weddings.


In fact, people were arranging parties, just so they could book me to show their friends and family what I could do. Crazy, right?


But as I was preparing to leave my job to go full-time as a professional magician, everything changed…

Enter: The pandemic

(No doubt you already know about THAT whole situation.)


Well, it hit.


And it hit HARD.


I’d left my job but my diary was wiped clear of all events, gigs and shows.


I had nothing left.


I was at zero.


So, I changed my focus.


Whilst I wasn’t able to get out there and perform myself, the situation across the world varied.


Instead, I spent two years coaching and consulting for magicians all over the world, helping them to navigate through the situation too.


I quickly reached an audience of over 120+ countries worldwide and was getting invited to speak at some of the largest conventions for magicians in the world.


I was even the first in-person lecture to take place at the official HQ of ‘The Magic Circle’ when the restrictions lifted.


But now, as the world is opening up, I’ve come to realise what I love most…

The return of
‘aidan the wizard’

At the risk of this sounding like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, I came back.


Back to the world of performing after such a clean break from the experience.


And people were ready.


My first public show back after the break sold out in under 24 hours and I’ve been invited to perform at some incredible events across the country.


Now, I’m on a mission to rid the world of crappy entertainment and create the BEST possible experience for your guests worldwide.


But, I have a policy.


It’s called my ‘One Event Per Day’ policy.


Which means that I can only perform at a single event per day, so that I can make each event I attend the best that it possibly can.


So my schedule fills up pretty quickly.


If you’d like to find out more about how I could make your event the best it can be and reserve your date…


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